Sunday, Feb 17, 2019

Planning for pets in a disaster

Planning for pets in a disaster
03 Oct

Home owners are being reminded to include their pets when planning for disasters.

Acting animal control officer, Peter Belgrave, says this is the primary focus, as the Ministry of Health observes National Animal Week.

He says ideally, pet owners should bring their pets inside, during bad weather.

The Animal Control Center will be conducting an education campaign throughout the week, in various locations.

One of the recommendations the Center is making, is for pet owners to prepare an emergency kit, which should include items such as water, toys or treats, and cleaning products.

Mr. Belgrave is also stressing the importance of keeping proper pet records.

Pets are not welcome in shelters, but Mr. Belgrave says they are various facilities which offer boarding for animals.

Failing that, he suggests you ask a neighbour or friend to look after your animal.