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NUPW asks where is transparency

NUPW asks where is transparency
18 Oct

The National Union of Public Workers says there'll be implications for the smooth administration of the public service, as government presses ahead with its retrenchment exercise.

Acting deputy general secretary Wayne Walrond is asking government what's the rush and where's the transparency?

He says the NUPW isn't pleased with the manner in which government's retrenchment exercise is being conducted.

He believes not enough information is coming from government.

Mr Walrond thinks the "last in, first out" option isn't being fully adhered to, suggesting there's nothing gentle about the cuts in the public service.

However he says the NUPW is adopting a wait and see approach as it braces for the fallout from government's retrenchment exercise.

Mr. Walrond, says the NUPW though not being informed officially has received information that public workers will receive letters of termination Friday.

He stresses the exercise is one the union remains concerned about and will await feedback from affected workers.

Mr Walrond says the matter of providing counselling to affected workers was raised during negotiations with the civil service.

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