Saturday, Apr 20, 2019

Unions react to plans for lay-offs

Unions react to plans for lay-offs
16 Oct

With plans for public sector layoffs underway, the General Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union, Senator Toni Moore, is appealing to government to stick to the accepted last in, first out, practice.

Senator Moore says job losses are painful, but the union will continue to fight for safety nets for those who will be retrenched.

Her comments come following Friday's special subcommittee meeting of the social partnership.

Meanwhile the National Union of Public Workers is seeking an urgent meeting with the Ministry of Civil Service over proposed government retrenchments.

In a statement the union says it wants to properly negotiate all matters related to the exercise.

The NUPW says it reached agreement in good faith with the former administration that all temporary officers with three or more years of service would be appointed.

It says the process was started and should be completed.

The NUPW assured workers it will continue to vigorously represent their interests.

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