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Crop Over app

Crop Over app
17 Jul

You may be one of those people who may sometimes have to hunt for your band on the road on Kadooment Day.

Or maybe you like to watch the bands pass, but you often miss the majority of them because you didn't know where they would be at a given time.

Well there's some good news for you.

As the saying goes, There's an app for that.

A Trinidadian entrepreneur has developed an app called 'D' junction', that among other things, can track the location of bands on the parade route.

The app's developer Ria Karim has successfully used it for bands in Trinidad's Carnival over the past few years.

She's now introduced it to Crop Over festival stakeholders in Barbados.

Ria says it was born out of a need she experienced first-hand.

She says the app debuted in 2016 and was an overnight success.

It also gives details on special events and all parties and festival-related events, with maps.

She's now partnered with popular Barbados band Baje International to test it here and it's already live.

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