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Nurses concerned about age gap in profession

Nurses concerned about age gap in profession
09 Feb

President of the Barbados Nurses Association, Joannah Waterman reminded members of the nursing fraternity of the critical role they play in maintaining the standard of health care in Barbados.

Her remarks come amid continued efforts by the Association to increase nursing personnel and salaries for members.

Ms. Waterman was speaking during the Association's 81st annual general meeting.

During the ceremony, members of the executive committee which will serve over the next year were introduced.

The title of honorary membership was also conferred on several individuals.

Ms. Waterman says the BNA is excited to host the next Caribbean Nurses Organisation biennial conference, which will be held in October this year.

Meantime, there's concern about the large age difference between young nurses now entering the profession and those nearing retirement.

It comes from assistant director of nursing at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Charmaine Worrell who says the age gap is proving to be a challenge for nurse leaders.

Ms. Worrell says they're seeing nurses as young as 20, joining the workforce alongside those with as much as 47 years their senior.

She says while there's a shortage of leaders in the profession, it's only because young nurses are not being given opportunities to do so.

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