Asthmatics make fewer visits to A&E

Asthmatics make fewer visits to A&E
03 May

Asthmatics in Barbados appear to be getting better at managing their condition.

At least if the number of visits to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital's asthma bay is any indication.

President of the Asthma Association of Barbados, Rosita Pollard says in recent times the number of people who have been forced to use the equipment at the QEH to relieve their symptoms when the condition flares up has dropped by about two thousand.

Ms Pollard was speaking to CBC as the association celebrates World Asthma Day at its Tyrol Cot offices with an open day.

One young lady gave a demonstration on a peak flow metre, which is used to tell asthmatics how well their lungs are functioning.

Ms Pollard says although fewer people are using the A&E, there's still room for improvement.

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