Saturday, Apr 20, 2019

NUPW reacts to retrenchments

NUPW reacts to retrenchments
16 Oct

The National Union of Public Workers says from what it understands about nine hundred and fifty-five civil servants will lose their jobs as part of government's restructuring exercise.

President Akanni McDowall says they only have information regarding the first phase of the retrenchments.

Mr. McDowall was speaking following a meeting with members at the NUPW Dalkeith Headquarters Monday night. He says the Union gave members the assurance that they will try to mitigate the impact , but it will not be an easy process.

He says they will continue to work with the social partnership.

Meantime General Secretary of the NUPW Roslyn Smith believes women are being unfairly attacked with the job cuts as most of them are among the mentioned positions.

She says the Union should have had more time for consultation on such a sensitive issue.

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