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Professor warns against NCDs

Professor warns against NCDs
08 Oct

A leading academic in the fight against non-communicable diseases has painted a stark picture of the scale of the NCD burden in Barbados.

It's estimated that of the 190 thousand Barbadians ages 25 and over, 90 thousand are overweight or obese.

Another thirty-eight thousand suffer hypertension, nineteen thousand are diabetic and one person suffers a stroke or heart attack every day.

Cancer in men and women is also appearing at an alarming rate.

Barbados special envoy on NCD's Professor Sir Trevor Hassell, says the health and wellness of the Caribbean is being put at risk by NCD's.

Professor Hassell was the featured speaker at the Caribbean Week of Agriculture's opening plenary session at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Center.

The week is being held under the theme, Strengthening Agriculture for a Healthier Future in the Region.

Professor Hassell says action needs to be taken in many sectors, alongside health, including agriculture.

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