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Ministers support five percent pay rise

Ministers support five percent pay rise
15 Aug

Minister of Labour and Social Partnership Relations Colin Jordan, fully supports the pay rise for public servants.

He also defended civil servants in the face of criticism.

However, Mr Jordan notes the coming months will be challenging and government understands workers must be given some measure of comfort.

The private sector of Barbados is being called on by Minister of Transport, Works and Maintenance Dr William Duguid, to follow government's lead and increase the salaries of workers.

Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy Kirk Humphrey doesn't want members of the private sector to raise their prices, when the five percent wage increase is implemented in the public sector.

He says the usual private sector practice is to elevate prices almost to the level of the raise.

Mr. Humphrey implored businesses to resist that urge, so that the wage increase can make a difference.

Mr. Humphrey dismissed the notion that five percent is nothing to shout about, stressing it's timely and very much needed.

Opposition leader Bishop Joseph Atherley says government should make it mandatory for no more than five years to pass, without civil servants getting an increase.

The last time civil servants had any increase was almost ten years ago.

Bishop Atherley says government has the power to make this law.

The opposition leader says government needs to be honest with Barbadians and properly prepare them for the pain they'll have to face, when negotiations are concluded with the International Monetary Fund.

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