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Anglican elections resume

Anglican elections resume
14 May

All eyes will be on the Anglican Church as the race to elect a new bishop resumed Monday.

The elections reached a stalemate on April 25th when the elective synod of clergy and laity failed to give the last men standing - Dean of St Michael's Cathedral Dr Jeffrey Gibson and Rector of St George Parish Church and Rural Dean of St John, Reverend John Rogers - the required two-thirds vote to secure the position as head of Barbados' largest denomination.

At the last voting process, a trend developed early in the third round where Rogers and Gibson were favourites, with the clergy's preference for Gibson, while the laity held fast for Rogers.

Diocesan administrator Canon Wayne confirmed Sunday there would be no Eucharistic Synod Mass before the voting process.

The elective synod - comprising the house of clergy, made up of all priests from the 44 Anglican Churches, as well as the house of laity reconvened at the Ivan Harewood Complex, Christ Church Parish Centre, to continue the process at 9:30

By the end of Monday, a new bishop of Barbados could be elected.

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