Equipment to save diabetics limbs

Equipment to save diabetics limbs
06 Mar

Scores of Barbadians lose limbs each year because of diabetes.

It's an unwanted trend local authorities are hoping to address with the use of new equipment donated by the Maria Holder Memorial Trust.

The equipment is called a vascular doppler scanner, and eleven of them were presented to Health Minister John Boyce and health practitioners representing polyclinics from across the island.

These devices measure the amount of blood flow through arteries and veins, as was demonstrated on the health minister.

That information could be critical for health practitioners treating diabetics, and helping to reduce the unacceptably high number of annual diabetes-related amputations.

Expressing his gratitude, Minister Boyce said the equipment and other measures being taken by the Ministry, are expected to significantly benefit diabetics.

Diabetes is among the non-communicable diseases which account for 80 percent of the patients seen at the island's polyclinics.

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