Thursday, Mar 21, 2019

Drug Service formulary changed

Drug Service formulary changed
16 Mar

From April 1st, changes will be made to the Barbados National Drug formulary, which will involve removing some drugs and adding others.

According to a statement from the Barbados Drug Service, the drug formulary committee recently undertook a comprehensive review of some of the therapeutic categories within the formulary.

The statement says this was done in consultation with a cross-section of stakeholders, including doctors and pharmacists.

People who benefit from free drugs under the formulary are advised to find out if they will be affected, by checking with their medical practitioners.

The formulary is updated every two years to ensure that the best and most appropriate pharmaceuticals are available to the public.

The Drug Service has advised people whose medications will no longer be available on the formulary that their current prescriptions can be repeated until the end of September.

This is provided that the prescription was initially filled before the end of March.

Categories of people who receive free medication are those aged 65 and over; children under 16 years; and everyone who receives prescribed formulary drugs for the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, asthma, cancer, glaucoma and epilepsy.

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