Sheraton going green

Sheraton going green
05 May

In response to local and international concerns about the dangerous effects which plastics are having on the environment, at least one commercial centre is honouring its commitment to preserve the planet.

Word of this comes from manager at Sheraton Mall, Sharon Oran.

She says from the beginning of June, a number of its largest retailers will be implementing a fee for customers who opt to use plastic bags when shopping.

She says it's all in an effort to make Barbados environmentally stable in the face of pollution, both on land and in the ocean.

Management at Sheraton also announced that they will be implementing green zones to facilitate the recycling of plastic and glass bottles.

Also speaking at the launch of the program was public relations officer of the Barbados Future Centre Trust, Kammie Holder.

He says an estimated thirteen billion dollars is spent annually to repair environmental damage globally.

He's calling on local manufacturers to make more products which can be recycled even it means considering adding an environmental cost to retail prices.

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