Bill to force lawyers continue their professional development

Bill to force lawyers continue their professional development
20 Apr

Local lawyers could soon face stiff penalties if they fail to continue their professional development.

It's a move by the Barbados Bar Association to improve the profession.

In addition, the Association is taking even greater steps to ensure people who can't afford to pay for legal services, are still represented in court.

The Professional Amendment Bill which is under review, will be the catalyst for serious change in the culture of the country's lawyers.

According to president of the Barbados Bar Association, Liesel Weekes, lawyers will face hefty consequences if they fail to improve themselves through the association's professional development programs.

Ms Weekes was speaking during a press launch for the Bar Association's Whitsun weekend law conference slated for June 2nd to 4th at the Hilton Barbados.

It's expected to help people from all walks of life, improve their understanding of a number of developing areas in law, which are becoming increasingly relevant.

She says the long term goal is to establish a fund to assist people who can't afford a lawyer, and whose matters don't qualify for legal aid.

Despite these developments, officials from the Bar Association are concerned that Barbadians are not taking advantage of clinics aimed at giving free legal advice to the public.

However they will continue to offer them both at the Bar Association's headquarters and in communities across the island.

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