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Teacher wants social skills taught at schools

Teacher wants social skills taught at schools
22 Jun

The Ministry of Education has been encouraged to amend the curriculum at all secondary schools across the island.

This advice comes from guidance counsellor at the St. George Secondary School, Patricia Welch.

Ms. Welch is suggesting that the timetable at each school should include a programme, which teaches the social skills needed to function, in the workplace and at the tertiary level.

Ms. Welch was speaking during the graduation ceremony for over sixty secondary school students who completed the "Preparing Today for Tomorrow's Challenges" programme, for the 2017 to 2018 school year.

The programme targets returning fifth year students, several of whom will be rewarded with internships, in several organisations, including the UWI Open Campus.

Featured speaker and chief sponsor of the programme Dr. Arvat McClaine, reminded the students about the power of positive thinking.

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