Tuesday, Mar 19, 2019

Projections of increased sugar yield

Projections of increased sugar yield
09 Jan

There is growing optimism about Barbados producing a higher yield of sugar for the 2019 sugar crop despite some conservatism across the agricultural sector.

Word of this from General Manager at the BAMC, Leslie Parris who told CBC News that taking into account a number of variables, including the weather experienced last year, cane fires as well as the field assessment undertaken, the 2019 sugar yields seems to be on par with last year’s.

He said given some innovations by farmers BAMC officials are cautiously optimistic about a better yield this year.

Parris said he is guarded by the fact that any information attained thus far regarding this year's crop would be unofficial.

The BAMC head says he will be in a better position to be more definitive within the next two weeks as the farms are still going over the estimates.

Parris said factory workers must be commended for the job they have done in ensuring that the maintenance and upkeep of the facility at Portvale remains up to standard.

In 2018 the Portvale factory collected some 144 thousand tonnes of cane from farmers across the island, yielding some 12 thousand tonnes of sugar.

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