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Police launch probe after visitors detained for beating lawmen, leave the island

Police launch probe after visitors detained for beating lawmen, leave the island
04 Jan

The St. Kitts-Nevis police Friday said they had launched an investigation to determine how two visitors where able to leave the island without being charged after a video of an incident in which they were alleged to have beaten two police officers was posted on social media.

“The High Command of The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force notes, with great concern, the contents of a video that involves two visitors and two police officers currently being circulated in the public domain.

“The High Command has launched an investigation to look into all the circumstances surrounding the arrest and release of the two visitors that occurred when two police officers responded to a report of an incident at the Marriot Hotel in the Frigate Bay area on Jan. 1,” the police said in a statement.


It provided no details regarding the names or the nationalities of the two visitors, who were seen in the video attacking the officers in uniform in the lobby of the local hotel on Tuesday night.


In the video, one of the tourists is seen hitting one of the officers in the chest and following as the officer moved away. The woman is also seen verbally abusing the officers, grabbing one of them and attempting to kick him.


The two visitors reportedly left the island on Wednesday and social media have been flooded with statements by irate nationals who have questioned the release of the tourists without any charge.


Some have reminded Acting Commissioner of Police, Hilroy Brandy, of the comment he made late last month that “acts of violence against law enforcement officers will not be condoned and any acts of violence against any individual, especially police officers, will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law”.


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