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Nurses' pay

Nurses' pay
26 Nov

Sporadic payment is one of the biggest of several issues affecting nurses.

That's according to President of the Barbados Nurses Association, Joannah Waterman.

She says payment and outstanding vacancies are the two main issues crippling the profession for some time.

Ms Waterman says they've met with and were given some assurances by the Minister of Health that the situation will be rectified.

But she also has a message for those involved in the process.

There continues to be a high demand for the Barbados Community College nursing programme.

Course tutor, Lolly Joseph says with the recent upgrade from the associate degree to the bachelors, there has been an influx of both male and female applicants.

Ms Joseph was speaking at a community vector control expo for third year nursing students.

She hopes students will take the knowledge gained from the practical beyond graduation.

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