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Ecstasy drug trial delayed

Ecstasy drug trial delayed
06 Nov

Three months after he was held, former chairman of Goddard Enterprises Limited, Charles Herbert discovered he will have to wait until next year to have his drug related matter heard.

Herbert along with non-executive director 56-year-old Christopher Glen Rogers turned up at the District A Magistrates court Tuesday morning to find out that Magistrate Douglas Frederick is on vacation and their case could not be heard.

62-year-old Herbert of Redland Plantation, St. George, and Rogers of #27 York Road, Navy Gardens, Christ Church were told to return to court on March 27th next year.

The 3rd man charged in the matter, 55-year-old sailor Walter O'Neal Prescod of #107 Emerald Park East, St. Philip, had previously been remanded to prison.

Prescod was granted $300 thousand dollars bail but was unable to come up with the two sureties needed.

The men are all charged with possession with intent to supply, trafficking and the importation of 267 pounds of cannabis on July 23rd this year.

This stemmed from a drug bust aboard the Ecstasy, a private yacht owned by Goddard Enterprises.

The drugs had an estimated street value of just more than $534 thousand dollars.

Since then Mr. Herbert has quit his position as head of the Barbados Private Sector Association and Goddard Enterprises Ltd, but he has maintained his innocence and that of Rogers.

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