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Tribute to Sir Fred

Tribute to Sir Fred
17 Oct

In the Upper House partisan politics was put aside as the senators paid tribute to the late president of the Senate, Sir Fred Gollop - a man described as an ardent supporter of the Barbados Labour Party.

Sir Fred, who served in that role for 14 years passed away in June.

Leading of the tributes was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Senator Dr Jerome Walcott.

Family of the late Sir Fred was present in the Senate to hear the tributes.

A moment of silence was also observed in his memory.

Senator Walcott says Sir Fred served the Senate with honor and brought with him a level of fairness.

Government Senator Rudy Grant reminisced on his time as a candidate for the BLP and his interactions with Sir Fred.

He says Sir Fred offered good advice and was always fair and firm as president of the Senate.

Deputy President of the Senate, Rudolph Greenidge says Sir Fred loved reading and journalism.

He remembers him as a man who respected confidentiality.

He says Sir Fred also possessed one of the best brains.

President of the Senate, Sir Richard Cheltenham remembers Sir Fred as a dedicated family man and one who was immensely disciplined.

He says Sir Fred, though being full of ideas, preferred to work from the background rather than be a candidate.

Overall, he says the former senate president was a team player.

In her tribute, Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Public Affairs, Senator Lucille Moe said Sir Fred Gollop made an invaluable contribution in the area of journalism.

She says Sir Fred was a leader and media practitioners should follow his example in maintaining the standards of the profession.

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