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Death toll in Nicaragua unrest now at 38

Death toll in Nicaragua unrest now at 38
27 Apr

The death toll from violent anti-government protests in Nicaragua last week is now up to 38, the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights told CNN Friday. The government reports a death toll of 10.

CENIDH is a Managua-based NGO.

The deaths came amid the largest street protests the country has seen since the civil war ended in 1990. Protesters clashed with security forces, and different groups among the demonstrators also clashed with each other.

The unrest was spurred by the implementation of a controversial pension reform resolution intended to halt the growing deficit in the country's social security system.

Citizens took to the streets to protest the changes, which amounted to increased contributions into the social security system by workers and employers and the reduction of the pensions of retired workers.

Protests died down after President Daniel Ortega revoked the changes on Sunday.

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