11 Plus Challenge

11 Plus Challenge
06 Apr

With the Barbados Secondary Schools Examination just weeks away, one local company is playing its part in helping to get students ready.

Aries Technology Incorporated is doing so through its 11 Plus software and its popular 11 Plus Challenge.

The challenge now in its third year pits schools against schools in a game show environment.

Sales and marketing officer, Courtney Ramsay says several schools have participated with many eager to take part in the new series.

Managing Director, Gillian Hassell tells CBC News that despite a challenging first year, the 11 plus challenge is doing well, receiving good reviews from students, parents and schools.

She says it's a show families can watch.

With debate surfacing once again on whether to keep or scrap the 11 plus, Mrs Hassell sees it as vital.

She also wants Barbadians to embrace local technology.

The managing director says the company is facing a challenge where the value of its products and services are overlooked.

Aries Technology has also been able to penetrate regional markets with its 11 plus technology.

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