Seven tents

Seven tents
04 Apr

Over a month away from the official start of the start of the Crop over festival in June calypso tents are preparing for their part of the season.

There are no new tents among the seven that have already registered with the NCF for the 2017 season, however there will be some movement of artistes.

The popular Headliners whose manager Adrian Boo Husbands passed away in January, will not be pitching tent this year and two of their calypsonians have found new homes.

Multiple party monarch winner Mr Blood will be joining forces with powerhouse tent De Big Show, while Fabee will be with All Stars who will boast a cast of 17.

De Big Show has already made public its impressive lineup including 10 former monarchs across all competitions.

House of Soca's cast of 16 will feature four new acts, and they plan to do things a little differently this year.

They have planned a community launch in Jackson, St Michael on May 6th where the tent will host a T20 night cricket match comprising of calypsonians.

If your'e planning to go out to some of the tents this year, the official judging nights have been released...

Stray Cats will be judged on July 2nd; De Big Show, July 5th; Super Gladiators, July 8th; The Experience Tent July 9th; Africa Heartbeat on July 11; House of Soca on July 12th and All Stars on the 13th.

The unattached calypsonians will be judged on July 1st.

Crop Over 2017 begins on May 14th and culminates with Grand Kadooment on August 7th.

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