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Incident free Kadooment

Incident free Kadooment
07 Aug

The streets of St. Michael were flooded with revelers in colourful costumed bands, dancing and chipping from the National Stadium to Spring Garden.

Covering the Grand Kadooment action for the CBC was Tristan Ward, who filed this report.

As revelers made their way along the parade route from the stadium to Spring Garden, CBC spotted several familiar faces who had shed their usual business attire, opting instead for colourful costumes as they took part in the festivities.

Among them, Minister of Maritime Affairs Kirk Humphrey, Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs Marsha Caddle and Senator Dr. Crystal Haynes.

Earlier in the day, our roving cameras also caught up with producer of the Republic Bank Grand Kadooment Aja, just outside the National Stadium.

At the time he reported things were going extremely well.

Police public relations officer, Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss, said there were no major incidents during this year's Kadooment Day celebrations.

He told CBC News late Monday afternoon that apart from a situation where there was a bit of delay along Bank Hall main road due to some downed power lines, the revelry along the route was incident free.

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