Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019

Mac and Grynner immortalised in wax

Mac and Grynner immortalised in wax
03 Jul

The Caribbean Wax Museum has added to its list of local icons to be honoured and immortalised with their own wax figures.

This time around wax likenesses of road march king, Macdonald 'The Mighty Grynner' Blenman and veteran entertainer Mac Fingall have been created.

The two wax figures, which took about three months each to make, were recently officially unveiled upstairs Norman Centre, the City.

The event was attended by Minister of the Creative Economy, Culture and Sports, John King, and other specially invited guests.

One of the directors of the Museum, Art Edwards talked about the significance of the unveiling.

In his remarks, Culture Minister John King thanked Grynner, Mac Fingall and the Mighty Gabby for their significant contributions to Barbados' cultural landscape.

And one of the men of the moment, the Might Grynner was overjoyed.

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