Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Rum and Sweet Food tour

Rum and Sweet Food tour
31 May

Barbados has developed another culturally unique event as it continues to make its tourism product distinctly different in the highly competitive industry.

It's a Rum and Sweet Food tour on June 10th that exposes patrons to the island's culinary traditions and rum.

Held in association with the Carmeta's brand, the bus ride starts at Queens Park, with the convoys departing at noon, one and two p.m.

The buses make several stops for patrons to sample a variety of dishes along the way, before the culinary climax at Barclays Park on the East Coast.

The event producer, Alison Sealy-Smith, says there will be a feast.

The main sponsor for the event is the Barbados Tourism Product Authority.

Manager for Innovation & Strategy, Terry Vanterpool-Fox, says the tour fits into Barbados' ongoing efforts to distinguish its tourism product.

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