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Juniors All Set To Go

Juniors All Set To Go
31 May

The Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch Programme in association with IGM Stage Lighting has become the platform for young Calypsonians to showcase social commentary at its best and to ensure its continuity, so says Event Producer, Ms. Karen Pestaina. With that as a guiding principle, she continued, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) has been conducting reviews and evaluations in an effort to continuously improve on the programme and the opportunities for the development of these young hopefuls.

One of the significant modifications to the programme this year was the restructuring of the workshops to facilitate the changing needs of the participants in the areas of vocal training, confidence building and in having a better understanding of the judging system.

In the recently concluded workshop series implemented under the theme “On Your Mark!”, “Get Set!”, “Go!” the mentors focussed on readying the artistes for their race to the finals. In the Vocal Training exercises, Ryan Boyce, Aisha Butcher and Kellie Cadogan exposed the juniors to different approaches and gave them a greater appreciation of what is required when preparing for competition. Ms. Pestaina noted that the 50% influx of first timers in the 7-12 category necessitated an extension of the NCF’s Vocal Training Workshop which was offered to the artistes to assist with their preparations for the preliminary judging which took place for the first time this year at the Daphne Joseph-Hackett Theatre on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

Armed with the tools to prepare them vocally, the emphasis shifted to building their confidence and craftsmanship, two attributes that will be in high demand when performing on stage or being in the limelight in general. For this the team enlisted Sonia Williams and Belle Holder.

Being set musically and mentally was only half the battle in preparing for competition. Performers on any stage are always interested in understanding the judging process, so past judges Sheldon Hope and Derrick Marshall conducted discussion sessions with the participants where the judging of lyrics, melody and rendition was explained.
At the end the Preliminary Round, the judges deemed the following juniors all set to go in the Semi-Final Round. The scores in this round were tabulated by Pricewaterhouse Coopers SRL.


Category: 7 - 12

 Given Name   Sobriquet   Song 
 Casey Jemmott Boyce  KCB  Save This Country
 Deyonte Brathwaite   Deyonte   Potholes
 Emari Browne Browne   Star   Peace
 Joshua Blackman   Joshua B   Magic Man
 Kari-Anne Holdford-Sam       Kari   Where All the Good Girls Gone
 Keimani Deane   Master Kei   Homeless Not Hopeless
 Kelicia Grimes   Dazzle   Violence in Barbados
 Kenaz Walker    Mighty Bit Bit  Please Give Bit Bit De Crown
 Kiara King   Star Diamond   Bim Tomorrow
 Kishmaur Alleyne  Star-Boy   Island Resources
 Sakarah Thomas    Sakarah  Colour My Barbados
 Xavier Mascoll   Xavier   No Idea
 Kiara Griffith 7   Star                            Fatherless Child



Category: 13 - 18

 Given Name                          Sobriquet  Song
 Adrianna Mayers   Dria   Don't Give Up
 Asher Murrell   Dynamo   Tales From De Crypt
 Dequon Alleyne    Quon  Why I Sing
 Don Ross Oliver    Mr. Personality  Bad Man
 Faith Murrell   Miracle   Education
 Kereesa Chase   Kereesa   Rise
Kiara Carrington  Mhizz Kibabba  A Song For The Children
Kymorhi Trotman  De Overcomer  Bon Appetit
Princess Thomas           Princess Mekeda         Tell Me Why
Raanan Hackett  Raanan  Serious Times
Symar Doyle  Symar  Beauty
Trevon Callender   Mighty King Lef' Da Lone!
Yahandje Daniel   Yahandje Don't Cry

The Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch Programme in association with IGM Stage Lighting will continue its objective of empowering and developing young Barbadians on and off the stage as this crop of new and returning hopefuls chosen as the 2018 semi-finalists head off to their first public showcase before the actual semi-final on Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 24 at the Lester Vaughan and Combermere Schools respectively.

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