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Synod to vote on June 7

Synod to vote on June 7
23 May

The third round of voting to try and elect an Anglican bishop takes place on June 7th.

Confirmation of this from diocesan administrator, Canon Wayne Isaacs, after a decision on the matter was taken Tuesday.

The two remaining candidates are Reverend John Rogers and Dean Jeffrey Gibson.

The Elective Synod will determine which man will hold the top post.

The Synod comprises the House of Clergy, made up of all priests from the 44 Anglican churches, as well as the House of Laity which comprises lay people in the Church.

Neither Reverend Rogers nor Dean Gibson has so far gained the two thirds majority in both houses, which is required by law to be declared head of the Church.

Canon Isaacs says the Elective Synod has until the end of August to choose a bishop.

When a candidate is finally elected, he still has to be confirmed by the bishops of the Province.

After that comes Consecration and Enthronement of the new bishop.

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