Monday, Mar 25, 2019
16 Oct

Several government agencies and departments could be merged, while others could be privatized under government's restructuring exercise

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley spoke to some of the entities during a wide ranging live address to the nation Sunday evening from Illaro Court.

Prime Minister Mottley says they also be entering into public private partnerships where possible.

Meanwhile Barbados is expected to benefit from several capital works programmes that should come on stream early next year.

Prime Minister Mottley says among them is a one hundred million dollar road works programme which will take place over the next three years.

She says major investment projects within the construction sector are also expected to start by January.

Ms. Mottley also says millions will be pumped into the local economy through developments in the private education sector.

According to the Prime Minister no more than fifteen hundred barbadians will be going home as part of government's restructing exercise over the next few weeks, eighty percent of these workers are temporary.

She also gave the assurance that they will not be sending home people without money in their hands and will be offering packages wherever possible.

Ms. Mottley says the soon to be established household mitigation unit will be critical to ensuring that no one falls below the minimum standard of living.

She says option forms will be given to those affected asking them to indicate what their passions are and whether they want to be retrained in line with a proposed affirmative action programme.

And government has received an overwhelming level of support for its debt exchange programme which has given Barbados a chance to start afresh.

Prime Minister Mottley says all the banks, insurance companies and ninety-nine percent of pensioners have voted in favour of the programme.

She says this represents about 11.9 billion dollars of domestic debt and arrears.

Noting that pensioners were hit particularly hard, Prime Minister Mottley says she should be able to address their particular needs within the next few weeks.

Regarding the country's external debt, she says meetings are continuing, with some scheduled for this week.

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