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OCM blanks call for removal of general manager

OCM blanks call for removal of general manager
09 Oct

The Trinidad-based One Caribbean Media Limited (OCM) has dismissed calls for the removal of the general manager of the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN), Mrs Odette Campbell, saying it had ‘vigorously investigated’ the allegations made against her.

Last month, the Technical and Allied Workers Union (TAWU) confirmed that its members at the GBN had been “protesting “outstanding issues” insisting though that the workers were not on strike.

Shop steward, Bernardette Connell, said the action by the workers was to publicly highlight to the management of the OCM some outstanding grievances.

The workers are said to have been protesting the return of the general manager, who returned to her post after recently completed a 12-month study leave. The workers said their grievances were pointed out to OCM management before Mrs. Campbell left the island on study leave.

But in an October 1 letter to the TAWU, the OCM said that it had “vigorously investigated the matter and we do not consider there to be any specific allegations that have been levelled to give rise to any action by the company against Mrs. Odette Campbell”.

OCM, which is a merger of the Caribbean Communications Network of Trinidad and Tobago, and the Nation Corporation of Barbados, is the major shareholder of GBN with the Grenada government as holding minority shares.

In the letter signed by Gregory Camejo, from the OCM Group Executive-Corporate Services, the company said that it had been assured by the manager “that all efforts will be made to ensure that the proper working and employee environment is created and maintained at all times”.

The OCM said that while it wanted to assure that “the current situation will be continuously monitored” it was also reiterating that “any industrial protest by employees, especially during working hours” will not be considered to be appropriate “as we consider there to be more meaningful and efficient methods to communicate any form of employee dissatisfaction”.

The letter called on employees to work with the general manager to ensure a good working environment, reminding the union and workers that they “will no doubt appreciate that this is a “two-way” process”.

Connell had said last month that a petition had been sent to the management and members of the board of directors and urged them “to consider they take the actions as suggested from us the workers”.

In the letter, the OCM said that its management team would be visiting GBN and holding talks with the TAWU and the workers “to ensure that we can all move forward in (a) harmonised and efficient manner”.

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