Holder fighting to keep LIALPA in committee

Holder fighting to keep LIALPA in committee
13 Mar

Chairman of regional airline, LIAT, Dr Jean Holder is committed to ensuring the survival of a committee set up to forge a new model of co-operation between the company and its pilots.

This is in response to the decision of the Leeward Island Airline Pilots' Association, LIALPA to withdraw from the six-member committee that was set up in December 2016.

The union advocate for the pilots argued a week ago, that the document outlining the mandate of the committee, seeks to stifle the rights of the association.

Dr Holder dismissed the suggestion saying LIAT was not attempting to muzzle LIALPA.

He states the joint LIALPA /board of directors committee is a very good idea and should not be abandoned.

Holder added that forging a better working relationship between the pilots and the airline is key to ending disruptions that have led to customers not getting the best service that can be given and which they deserve.

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