Sunday, Apr 21, 2019

Price of gas changes

Price of gas changes
16 Apr

From midnight Sunday motorists started paying less for gasoline and kerosene but more for liquefied petroleum gas or bottled gas.

The new retail price of gasoline is $3.31 per litre, down from $3.44 per litre, a decrease of 13 cents, while the price of kerosene will be lowered from $1.41 per litre to $1.36 per litre, a decrease of five cents.

The retail prices of bottled gas will be adjusted from $168.69 per 100-pound cylinder to $169.88, an increase of $1.19.

The price of the 25-pound cylinder will move from $47.27 to $47.57, a 30 cents increase

The new price of the 22-pound cylinder is $42.03, up from $41.76, an increase of 27 cents; while the price of the 20 pound cylinder has increased by 24 cents from $37.97 to $38.21.

The price of diesel remains unchanged at $2.60 per litre.

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