Sunday, Apr 21, 2019

Antiguan Commissioner of Police suspended amid sex scandal

Antiguan Commissioner of Police suspended amid sex scandal
06 Apr

Police Commissioner, Wendel Robinson, has been suspended with immediate effect as an investigation has started into allegations that he made sexual advances towards three junior policemen.

The Police Service Commission (PSC) is reported to have given instructions for Robinson’s suspension.

Media reports said that the junior officers had complained also of being victimised after they rejected the advances of the top cop. They have since asked to be placed on leave as a result of the stress associated with the alleged incidents.

Robinson’s suspension came five days after Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin wrote to him, requesting that he respond to the allegations made by the officers that he asked at least one of them for sex and offered to pay, the Observer Newspaper reported Friday.

Robinson has so far made no public statement regarding his suspension.

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