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Dominica government extends duty free concession on building materials

Dominica government extends duty free concession on building materials
23 Mar

The Dominica government Friday announced a six month extension of the duty free concessions on building materials after indicating that not many people had been able to take advantage of the initiative that had been announced soon after Hurricane Maria swept through the island last September causing widespread damage.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, speaking on the state-owned DBS radio, said that Cabinet had taken a decision “to extend the period for the setting aside of the import duties, so we have extended the waiver on import duties to June on a wide range of building materials.

“We recognise that in many instances some insurance companies would have been slow or delayed in making payments to some of the clients and so a number of people are now receiving their checks and we felt it was necessary to give them an opportunity to benefit from the waiver of import duty.”

He said the extension should also benefit the private sector, noting “we felt that it would be good to extend the import duties to allow them to bring material at a reduced rate.

“Obviously this is revenue the Treasury will be losing upon but we believe that in the circumstances it is the right decision.”

Skerrit told radio listeners that the initiative would be assessed after the nine month period in June.

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