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Ross University offers scholarships to Barbadian students

Ross University offers scholarships to Barbadian students
14 Jan

The Barbados government Monday said it had accepted scholarships from the US-owned Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) saying it “augments the government’s extensive investment in the development of human capital” on the island.

RUSM started operations here earlier this month after its controversial decision to re-locate from Dominica after 40 years.
Last week, the Dominica government again raised the prospect of taking legal action against the off-shore medical university for an alleged breach of the land lease arrangement the off-shore medical institution had prior to its decision to re-locate.

The RUSM Monday announced that it would provide scholarships covering the cost of medical school tuition and fees at its facilities for two deserving Barbados students.

“The Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training (METVT) is very pleased to accept the award of the scholarships from RUSM in the area of Medical Education. These scholarships signal the commencement of an important partnership between RUSM and the METVT and a journey which is anticipated to yield significant benefits for Barbados,” said Education, Technological and Vocational Training Minister, Santia Bradshaw.

She said the scholarships further augment the government’s extensive investment in the development of human capital in Barbados.

“The Ministry remains fully committed to providing access to medical education and training opportunities for Barbadians who attain the required standards and are deserving of support to assist them in achieving their career goals.”

To qualify for the scholarships, Barbadians students must be accepted to study at RUSM, which will evaluate students’ applications. The scholarships will cover all tuition costs and fees, so long as the recipients maintain satisfactory grades throughout their enrollment.

“Providing access to a quality medical education is at the core of RUSM’s mission,” said William F. Owen, Jr. RUSM dean and chancellor.

“We’re proud to offer these scholarships to Barbadian students to help them achieve their career aspirations as physicians.”

RUSM, which is part of the US-based Adtalem Global Education group, said that the scholarships are in keeping with its history of providing Caribbean citizens with access to its three Caribbean-based institutions in Sint Maarten, St. Kitts and Nevis and the Dominican Republic.


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