Saturday, Feb 23, 2019

Gas prices drop

Gas prices drop
08 Oct

From midnight there will be a drop in the prices for gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas, while the prices for diesel and kerosene will increase.

Gasoline will now be sold at three dollars and eighty nine cents per litre, down from three dollars and ninety one cents; a decrease of two cents.

Diesel will retail at three dollars and twenty cents per litre, up from three dollars and fourteen cents; an increase of six cents.

Kerosene will be sold at $1.50 per litre, up from $1.47; this is an increase of three cents.

Meanwhile, the 100lb cylinder of lpg will now retail at $142.31, a decrease of 97 cents.

The price of the 25lb cylinder will move from $40.92 to $40.68, a reduction of 24 cents.

The price of the 22lb cylinder has decreased by 22 cents while the price of the 20lb cylinder has been reduced by 20 cents.

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