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Acres of seaweed

Acres of seaweed
04 Jun

A sea of Sargasso seaweed has blanketed Tent Bay in Bathsheba St. Joseph.

Residents in the area say this is the worst they have ever seen it.

Passersby marvelled at the sight, while others expressed shock at the amount of seaweed stretching across every inch of the sea, which could be seen for several miles along the shore line.

One resident, Anthony Mayers says the authorities need to act quickly as the seaweed is threatening the livelihood of fishermen who cannot take out their boats given its thickness.

With several species trapped in the seaweed, some resourceful youngsters were quick to take advantage of an easy catch.

Several blue chubs, at least two turtles, a few seacats and congas were caught in the seaweed.

One dolphin is still trapped and struggling to survive.