Thursday, Mar 21, 2019

PM says Barbados on its way to being a successful SIDS

PM says Barbados on its way to being a successful SIDS
24 May

At a meeting in Deacons to support DLP candidate for St Michael North West, Chris Sinckler, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said Barbados is on its way to becoming a successful small island developing state.

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler says politicians must never forget where they came from.

In fact, according to the St Michael North West candidate, the experiences of politicians before ascending to the heights of public life must inform their decisions.

He was taking advantage of one his final opportunities, before Thursday's election to appeal to constituents to elect him.

Democratic Labour Party candidate for St James Central George Connelly has answered the calls of residents of his constituency who have been clamouring for a playpark.

He has overseen the erection of a park at Fitts Village.

The park, consisting of slides and spring riders is a welcome addition to the St James community.

Mr Connelly isn't buying excuses pushed over time as he says residents have been calling for the park for years.

Mr Connelly over the past six months was also instrumental in the building of steps along a nearby popular thoroughfare in St James Central.

Mr Connelly says young people are being feted and reportedly given cash.

He says he is about building communities in St James Central.

He called for an end to the intolerance and childish behavior of supporters of the Barbados Labour Party.

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