Thursday, Mar 21, 2019

Arawak taking Barbados to CCJ

Arawak taking Barbados to CCJ
17 May

The Arawak Cement Company has sought leave to take Barbados before the Caribbean Court of Justice for breaches of several articles of the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, in what it describes as an effort to protect Barbadian jobs.

The company is seeking to have the original 60 per cent tariff rate for cement imports re-instated, arguing that the now reduced rate of five per cent has significantly impacted its operations.

In a statement, Arawak and its parent company, Trinidad Cement Limited have indicated that the Council of Trade and Economic Development, or COTED-approved rate for other hydraulic cements' was moved downward in 2015, causing distorted competition and promoting unfair trade practices within the CSME.

Among other things, ACCL and TCL are therefore asking the court for the immediate reinstatement of the COTED-approved 60 per cent rate of duty on cement imports, classified as 'other hydraulic cements', along with damages for losses suffered by the company since the change went into effect.

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