Tuesday, Mar 26, 2019

Amended Road Traffic Act

Amended Road Traffic Act
09 Mar

Drivers who pull off the road to use their cell phones will not be breaking the law.

This was made clear by Transport Minister Michael Lashley during a press conference Friday morning.

He was commenting against the background of a statement made by a senior police officer regarding the new provisions of the amended Road Traffic Act.

Mr. Lashley says the amendment was made based on concerns from stakeholders that many of the accidents that occurred were the result of distracted driving, including using cell phones.

Meanwhile a senior police officer says he is surprised that people are still being reported for not wearing their seat belts.

The wearing of seatbelts became mandatory in 2001 and carries a fine of five hundred dollars.

Officer in charge of the Traffic Department Assistant Superintendent Ronald Stanford says people need to take their safety seriously.

Regarding the use of car seats the assistant superintendent says most parents are generally compliant.

He says the law is clear and mandates that children under the age of four must be placed in car seats which must be in the back seat.

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