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BWA creating South Coast sewage by pass

BWA creating South Coast sewage by pass
15 Dec

The Barbados Water Authority has started another phase of work to try and solve problems with the South Coast sewage system.

The strategy, explained to members of the media, is designed to ease pressure off the South Coast by re-routing some sewage to Bridgetown.

Barbados Water Authority's general manager, Keithroy Halliday took possession of the first of two 5.5 tonne excavators, one of which is being used at Bay Street, just outside the old offices of the Government Information Service.

Mr Halliday explains the intention is to join the Bridgetown and South Coast sewage networks.

Mr Halliday acknowledges the Bridgetown system has its own challenges and says engineers will pay special attention how they bring that into use and can reverse the process if necessary.

The BWA general manager also gave an update on the dye tests being done on the south coast system.

He says the first round confirmed what the BWA already knew - that the line was blocked.

Mr Halliday says the next step is to get the bypass up and running so that engineers can access and clear the blockage.

Then they will have to fix the influent line before turning their attention to the effluent line.

He preferred not to put timelines to the work, but gave the assurance that both businesses and residents will be kept up to date at every stage.