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New extreme heat wave hits Australia

New extreme heat wave hits Australia
14 Jan

Australians are sweltering in temperatures as much as 12 degrees Celsius (53 Fahrenheit) above average after another extreme heatwave swept across the country Monday, the second in under a month.

Temperatures rose above 40 C (104 F) at the weekend and the extreme weather is expected to last the week. Forecasts show all of Australia's eight states and territories are expected to be affected by the extended heatwave.
"Plan to keep yourself cool, check in on family and friends and follow the advice from your local health authorities," the Australian Bureau of Meteorology said on social media.
Just over two weeks ago, a brutal post-Christmas heatwave led to extreme or severe fire warnings across at least three states and intensified severe droughts across the country.
One town in northwestern Australia, Marble Bar, has now had 22 consecutive days of temperatures above 40 C, at one point almost reaching 50 C (122 F).