Tuesday, Mar 19, 2019

Dominica contemplating legal action against Ross University

Dominica contemplating legal action against Ross University
09 Jan

Dominica has again raised the prospect of taking legal action against the US-owned Ross University for an alleged breach of the land-lease arrangement the off-shore medical institution had prior to its decision to re-locate to Barbados last year.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said Ross University took a unilateral decision to leave the island last year and it has had some serious implications for persons who had made significant investments in the area.

He said as a result, the government is reviewing the matter.

According to Prime Minister Skerrit his view to the government is that it should pursue Ross where compensation is concerned.

He stressed that they had a lease agreement with Ross and Ross broke the lease unilaterally and there are several of citizens who would have invested based on that lease with Ross, specific to Ross.

Skerrit added that Ross took the decision by itself as there was nothing that Ross asked the government to do that the government did not do.

Last November, Skerrit said that his administration is prepared to take legal action against the US-owned off-shore medical institution after it left Dominica under controversial circumstances after having been on the island for the past 40 years.