BSA upset by UWI elections

BSA upset by UWI elections
16 Mar

Some degree of skepticism looms over the University of the West Indies’ elections for the Guild Students Council.

After taking a stand against what it calls "unconstitutional" issues which barred Barbadian students from running, the Barbados Students Association is still trying to elicit a response from the current Guild Council.

Election results were to be announced Wednesday night, but the BSA says those results should be scrapped.

It's been a faceoff between the current Guild and the Barbados Students' Association, which believes the Guild has done an injustice by striking some hopeful contenders off the ballot sheet.

According to the Aassociation president, Kareem Smith, the Guild told a number of Barbadian students they were ineligible to contest the elections.

Of the reasons given, one was that they could not run because they had been previously disciplined by the Guild.

However, quoting the constitution, Mr Smith argues it is only if students are disciplined by the University administration - a more serious offence - that they are not allowed to offer themselves as candidates.

The Barbadian students were also told they must hold a GPA of 2.5 or above, although that rule is not actually in the election code of the Guild constitution.

The individuals chosen to organise the electoral process are also to be officially appointed by the Guild Council, a step Mr Smith says was skipped over.

Calls were made to president of the Guild of Students, Olvine Holas, to find out whether the Guild was planning to address the concerns raised, and what would happen if any infractions were recognised after new candidates were chosen.

Those calls were not returned.