Saturday, Feb 16, 2019

Anglican election deadlocked

Anglican election deadlocked
15 May

The Anglican Church is still without a replacement for outgoing bishop Dr John Holder after the Elective Synod met for a second time.

It took three ballots before the synod decided to adjourn yet again.

At the end of that vote, Reverend John Rogers retained his two thirds majority in the laity, having secured 54 votes.

Dean Jeffrey Gibson fell short in the laity with 25 votes.

Dean Gibson leads in votes among the clergy, racking up 49 votes compared with Reverend Rogers' 32.

Neither man has gained the two thirds majority in both houses that is required by law in order to be declared head of the Church.

The Elective Synod - comprising the House of Clergy, made up of all priests from the 44 Anglican Churches, as well as the House of Laity - got down to business Monday morning at 9:30.

The priests and laity have agreed to adjourn the proceedings until a later date when they will vote for a third time.