Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018

Kick 'em Jenny on orange alert

Kick 'em Jenny on orange alert
13 Mar

The alert level of the underwater volcano Kick 'em Jenny, located near Grenada, has been raised from yellow to orange, but there is no indication of it posing any immediate danger to Barbados.

Director of the Department of Emergency Management, Kerry Hinds, has given the assurance that her agency is closely monitoring the situation.

She has also appealed to ships and marine operators to observe the exclusion zone of five kilometres off the volcano.

Ms. Hinds emphasised that there is no tsunami threat to Barbados, and reminded the public that any official advisories on the volcano, if necessary, would be issued through the DEM and the Barbados Government Information Service under advice from officials at the Seismic Research Centre based in Trinidad.

The Grenada National Disaster Management Agency is presently collaborating with the Centre to monitor Kick 'em Jenny, which has shown increasing signs of activity since Saturday.

An orange alert for the volcano means that there are highly elevated levels of seismic activity, or other unusual activity.

Eruption may begin with less than 24 hours' notice