Monday, May 20, 2019

Barbados Standard Occupations Classification

Barbados Standard Occupations Classification
31 Jul

The practice by some employers who resort to changing job titles which locals could qualify for, has not gone unnoticed by the Ministry of Labour.

Minister of Labour and Social Relations Colin Jordan highlighted the issue during a Barbados Standard Occupations Classification, Barsoc sensitization workshop at the Cave Hill School of Business.

Barsoc is the first national document on occupational classification developed in Barbados.

Participants were provided with an overview of Barsoc and were privy to a demonstration of the system via the Ministry's website as well as a presentation on research conducted in support of the Barsoc 2016, by chief operations officer of Profiles Caribbean Incorporated, Shane Howell.

Minister Jordan told those gathered that the system must be seen as a reference tool for professionals.

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