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Massy to charge for bags

Massy to charge for bags
22 Jun

Massy Stores Barbados has announced the official roll out of its 'reduction of single-use plastic' initiative, which will see the introduction of a fee of ten cents per plastic bag at all of its stores from July 3rd 2018.

In a statement, the company says it will therefore be taking its plastic reduction initiative a step further with the full-scale implementation of reusable shopping bags across its stores.

Managing director of Massy Stores Barbados, Randall Banfield says it’s the company's way of trying to operate in a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious manner.

He adds that it is no coincidence that they have chosen to launch the bold step on July 3rd, which is being recognised across the world as "International No Plastic Bag Day.

Acknowledging that there will be a need for a period of transition for customers, he says they are therefore encouraging shoppers to walk with their reusable bags, or choose the option of paying the ten cents per bag from July 3rd.

The company says the proceeds from the plastic bag fee will go towards enhancing recycling initiatives in Barbados.

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