Tuesday, Mar 26, 2019

Massey ditches plastics

Massey ditches plastics
05 Jun

Massy Stores is looking to reduce its use of plastic bags in Barbados from as early as next month.

In a media release, the group says it has made a commitment to also decrease the distribution of plastic bags across all locations in the four other countries it operates. Those being Guyana, St.Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago.

Massy Stores says in order to mitigate the dangerous effects of plastics on the environment , two solutions can be sought. One being increasing the manufacturing of biodegradable plastics and continuously engaging in recycle.

Massy Stores says it has used both initiatives to reduce the negative environmental effects of plastic waste and has started to source biodegradable bags.

Across the region Massy Stores has started changing its lighting systems to led to reduce energy consumption , as well as removing its styrofoam packaging.

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