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Saturday, Dec 15, 2018

No tsunami alert

No tsunami alert
06 Mar

Barbadians are being encouraged to disregard a message circulating on social media over the weekend indicating that Barbados is under tsunami alert.

The Whatsapp message said Barbados was one of more than 30 countries placed on tsunami alert after 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica.

But both director of the Department of the Emergency, Kerry Hinds as well the director of the Barbados Meteorological Services, Sonia Nurse say there is no truth in the alert.

Ms. Nurse explains the Met Office issued a high surf advisory and small craft warning for the island last Friday, but it does not signify a tsunami threat.

She also emphasised that tsunamis warnings issued by the Barbados Met Office would not be transferred to the public via Whatstapp, but through official sources, including the Barbados Government Information Service.